Feeling Motivated Again

I’m feeling motivated again so I started up the daily work with Nicolaides, the daily composition and the daily sketches again.

I did my warm-up first, as always, then moved to The Natural Way to Draw exercises, then the daily composition and sketch before ending my drawing session with work on Jon Snow.

While doing my practice work I realized that these commitments really don’t take up much time at all. Hopefully I can remember that in the future and continue with them without breaks. The warm-up, Nicolaides exercise, composition and sketch only took me about an hour to complete.

Jon Snow Drawing

Jon Snow has turned a corner for the better. Yesterday and today I focused on a clear strategy and kept my drawing and values as accurate as possible. It was definitely a winning combination and I hope to finish the drawing tomorrow.

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The normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


Right Angle Study

The Right Angle Study exercise from The Natural Way to Draw is one of the best exercises I’ve come across in the book and a perfect one to do when I’m feeling motivated again.

For the exercise you look at one photo of a model and draw the model as if you were looking at the model from a completely different angle. Then you check your work by moving to that new location. Or, as I need to do for lack of model, I use images from two different angles.

Right angle study

The image on the left is the one I was drawing from. The image on the right is the position that I was actually trying to comprehend. This is done without ever seeing the model from another angle. You have to analyze the model in one position and use that data to construct the model as if you were viewing her from a different position.

My drawing above shows my initial drawing on the left and my corrected drawing after looking at the turned image.

This exercise is a wonderful way to develop mental representations of forms in space and practice the ability to draw those forms from any angle. Even something as complex as the human form.

Daily Composition and Sketch

I didn’t go too crazy with these sketches today. I drew my composition directly from a still life stock photo and the drawing of the camera was done with simple shapes and not refined much.

daily composition and sketch

What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

Not only did I get some art time in but I’m back to doing my daily practice. I’m so glad that I’m feeling motivated again.

What needs work? What did you learn?

I had a lot of issues today with craving snacks. We don’t have anything but healthy food in our home so my snacks consisted of apples, pears and vegetables. But I know if I go overboard during the day my sleep pays for it at night.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

Next time I feel like I need to snack between meals, sit and meditate on the feeling for a few minutes and really see if it is hunger and not just my brain telling me I want something to snack on.

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