Fatigue: Putting Paint Down

This session I’m just feeling too tired to do more than just put paint down.

I haven’t exercised in a couple days and I’m feeling the effects. Regular exercise for me is so important yet there are still days that I don’t do it for one reason or another. I consider exercise to be as important as my daily art because it really helps to give me energy for my art routine. I need to put a habit in place where I exercise daily and make the minimal amount so easy that its impossible to do.

For today’s session I’m focusing more on covering the canvas rather than getting super accurate details. I’m still trying to keep the values and colors in the ballpark but I figure that all the real work on this painting will be done during subsequent layers.

Fatigue: Putting Paint Down
Fatigue: Putting Paint Down
Fatigue: Putting Paint Down

1 thought on “Fatigue: Putting Paint Down”

  1. This is why we got the rower. I’m just as bad at procrastinating exercise, especially when it’s been a couple of days since I hit a workout. Exercise is easier to get out of the habit than daily work, I’m not sure why that is. Especially when we both know how much exercising helps us with our important goals- writing or daily art, keeping us energized and focused.
    So, let me play the role of the hard-ass trainer and yell at you “DO SOMETHING!!”


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