Fall Themed Oil Painting With Decorative Gourd

It’s that time of year again and it couldn’t have come sooner for me. After the unbearable heat of this summer I want cold weather. Besides this time of year brings all kinds of interesting still life possibilities like this fall themed oil painting.

It took me almost an hour to end up with this simple still life. I started out with several leaves and another gourd that looked like a tiny pumpkin, plus a couple glasses. Nothing was working so I just pared it down to what I thought was the most interesting, plus one leaf. It’s simple but I think this decorative gourd alone has enough interest. I may have to do another painting with this gourd in it but lighten it up a bit.

Fall themed oil painting setup

fall themed oil painting with leaf and decorative gourd setup

It only took me an hour to paint this still life. Paintings usually go faster when it only has organic subject matter.
fall themed oil painting with leaf and decorative gourd subject

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