Failed Red Pear Painting

Tonight was one of those nights where I wasn’t sure what to paint and I didn’t have much motivation to do any artwork. I’m accustom to this though, and I was soon setting up a still life and doing a rather good drawing that was going very well, then it turned into a failed red pear painting.

I’m used to working when I don’t have motivation to do so. I would say that most of the days that I’m very well motivated to paint or draw, but occasionally there are days when I’m lacking the drive. Tonight was one of those sessions where I wasn’t sure what to work on, and I didn’t really feel like painting. The only cure for not wanting to work it just to push all that aside and get to it.

I recognized that I wasn’t much in the mood so I setup a very simple still life of a red pear and tomatillo. The drawing went really well and I was very quickly motivated into making a good painting. But, then about an hour into the painting I got a call from work and had to take a break.

Upon returning to the painting I recognized that it wasn’t working and decided to call it a night and wipe out the painting. So, not a big deal, I got an hour in of drawing and painting. I’m not upset that I didn’t produce anything. 1 hour of good observation is better than nothing, so I ate my pear and relaxed the rest of the night.

Failed Red Pear Painting, setup
Setup photo
Failed Red Pear Painting, subject photo
Subject photo

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