Exposing My Weaknesses

Most of the exercises I’m working on every art session are challenging me and exposing my weaknesses that I never knew I had.

For example, my warm-up drawing today included sketches directly from Steve Huston’s book. He suggests that in order to learn lessons in art fully one must do the work, it’s not just enough to know the theory you have to put the time in. The easiest way to do this is to just draw all of his sample drawings.

A page from steve huston's book

I didn’t think it would be too hard to copy this example drawing, but I was very wrong and began exposing my weaknesses.


I’m not one to shy from this though. I plan on drawing from many of his examples from now on.

Besides if I ever want to make a book in the future I’m sure I will need to do drawings similar to what he has. And what a wonderful way to learn this wisdom!

5 Hour Contour Drawing

Here is another exercise that is exposing my weaknesses, but in a different way.

No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to draw slow enough and focus hard enough to get this drawing to last 5 hours. I’ve only spent two sessions on this drawing. A total of 1 hour and it’s just about done. I don’t understand how anyone could spend 5 hours on a contour drawing.

5 hour contour session 2

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

Yet again, another exercise that is exposing my weaknesses, this time in memory. But I’m getting much better than when I started.

To be honest the daily composition drawing is not from my memory but from my imagination.

Every day on my morning walk I pass by a particular apartment complex where a person is always smoking. I know the layout of his porch but I haven’t really looked directly at the person. I just glace and see a dark shape and smell the smoke.

I imagined that this person is smoking and on their phone. They are always up super early in the morning so I’m thinking they may be quite tired and a bit bedraggled.

daily composition and daily sketch

Not a very good drawing, compared to the image in my mind but for the time I spent on it I’m okay with that.

The daily sketch is of a small jar full of memory sticks.

Indiana Jones Drawing

Here is something that I’m have a wonderful time with and I know I don’t have as many weaknesses in. This is what I call my daily performance. I have my daily practice, everything above, then I have my daily performance where I work on a piece that is meant for more than just the recycle bin.

I’m working hard to make every stroke support my motive and you can kind of see that I’m pushing everything towards Indiana’s face.

Indiana Jones drawing cover

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What went well?

I was able to accomplish all my daily creating.

What needs work?

I’m pressed for time all day every day… I need to cut out something but I really don’t want to.

What did I learn?

There is always something to learn. I’m never going to be a perfect at everything but what is most important is that I stay consistent with my practice.

2 thoughts on “Exposing My Weaknesses”

  1. Hear here,the 5 hour contour is insane. I am not sure if I did the 5 hour contour right; It just ended up being an absolute mess. Funny that you should mention you’re drawing your daily composition from imagination. I am not sure if you have already read Exercise 30, but that is essentially what the daily compositions could turn into.

    • Thanks Kath I’m glad that I’m not the only one, haha! I haven’t read ahead yet, I’m strictly sticking to the instructions in the front of the book. I’ll read a bit till it says to do the exercises. Then I take a few days to do the exercises, then read some more. It’s slow going and I should be on this book for the rest of the year at least. For me it’s more about deeply learning each exercise and taking my time on this wonderful art journey than getting through each book, plus I really enjoy it! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


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