Errands, Work and Artwork

Another busy day today of running errands, work and artwork but I was able to plan my day well and get almost everything in, with a bit of rushing around.

Yoda Drawing

I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished on Yoda today. His robe goes much faster than his portrait because I don’t have to be so detailed. All that is left to do is add the correct texture to the bottom half of the robe and then I’m on to the next Fandom Fitness Drawing.

Yoda drawing in graphite

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

15 minute warm-up in graphite. I just realized that these warm-up drawings look almost exactly the same every day. I could just post the same drawing every day and no one would ever know! LOL!


For my practice today I worked on the Organic Perspective exercise. I was able to get through one page but need to finish the other tomorrow.

Modeled Drawing in Ink

I was really enjoying drawing this figure in the morning. Even though I’m not doing exactly what the exercise calls for I’m still keeping the receding and advancing of the form in mind when drawing.

Modeled drawing in ink

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

These are not my best drawings but I’m still having a lot of fun doing them. The couple on the left needs a lot more shading to it but I hesitate to use up all the ink in my brush pen too quick.

daily composition and sketch

What went well?

Even though I had errands, work and artwork to do, plus other items, I was able to get everything done. Now I can relax for the rest of the night.

What needs work?

When I plan my art time work within that time with calm focus and not a frantic dash to get a drawing done. I can really mess up a piece by doing that.

What did I learn?

My .25 weight Hi-Tec-C pens work really well on copy paper especially when sitting and keeping the pen upright.

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  1. Yoda looks amazing. I think you are really getting into a groove. It’s getting harder and harder to choose a favorite from this series. It’s not even each one is better than the last (although I do see huge strides in progress from each one), it’s just there is so much in each of them.


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