Emerald Glass and Orange Still Life

How is it that it’s so hard to stay motivated to do something you love to do. Even spending over an hour painting this glass and orange still life today seemed like a choir to get through. It’s an odd feeling doing artwork, you love it, yet sometimes it’s so hard to get going.

The issue may be that I’m not involved in any art groups where I’m at. I feel that being next to other artists, even in a life drawing class where not much communication happens, is subconsciously motivating. The more I’m around other artists the more time I spend on my own art. So, if this is true it makes since why I’m losing some motivation lately, with the holiday schedule my weekly life drawing schedule has been interrupted.

Emerald Glass and Orange Still Life, setup photo
setup photo

Regardless I worked on this still life for an hour and a half tonight. I wasn’t really ecstatic about the composition. I spent a while setting it up and just settled with it after too long. Now I just have to figure out if I’m going to continue with it tomorrow.

Emerald Glass and Orange still life, subject photo
Subject photo

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