Emerald Glass and Orange Still Life Session 2

I spent another hour on this painting today. I definitely improved it but it’s hard to tell because the paint has become dull in spots as it dries.

I have spent the last half hour researching oil grounds as a possible preventative measure to my paint dulling after a day of drying. I have mostly came to the same conclusion that I reached months ago. I don’t want to spend that much money on a ground that can take up to a week to dry or longer. It’s much easier for me to just paint on a gesso ground and use linseed oil over the dull areas when needed.

I have read many great things about the amazing quality of painting on a lead ground, but waiting up to six months to paint on a canvas is just not going to work for me, I paint to often for that. And lets be honest, most artists are obsessed with materials, I am also. I love trying new stuff. But I have yet to find any material, tool or surface out there that makes me better at doing art. The only thing that has ever increased my skill as an artists is the time spent working.

Emerald Glass and Orange Still Life Session 2, setup
Setup image
Emerald Glass and Orange Still Life Session 2 subject
Subject image

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