Eleven, Gestures and a Warm-up Video

After my nap I put aside all self consciousness and recorded a long overdue warm-up video for Jansen Art Center.

I’ve been meaning to do another video for a while now but I was so worried about quality and how it was going to look for others that I kept putting it off. I’m thankful that my daily nap brought me some clarity on the subject and some energy to power through it.

After doing the video I happened to read this passage from The Art Spirit by Robert Henri, and I found it very serendipitous.

“People are often so affected by outside opinion that they go to their most important work half hearted or half ashamed.”

Robert Henri

I still have to do some editing to the video but as soon as it is finished and uploaded I will link it on my site.

Eleven Drawing

Eleven, Gestures and a Warm-up Video

I was feeling a bit rushed today while working on this drawing and I thinking my it really shows in what I did today. The hair texture is too… scratchy and I do what to quickly render her shirt but I would like to do it with a bit more finesse.

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Today’s Gestures

I’ll add in the warm-up page I did today during the video. Other than that there is not much to report on the gestures today. My mind wasn’t completely into it. Even though I’m excited that I got the video done I think it blew up my brain for art making.

What went well?

I was able to record a new video!

What didn’t go so well?

Focus wasn’t great for the gestures or the Eleven drawing.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

I recognized my mood and where my brain was at but instead of doing something different I continued on. Next time I need to recognize and make a change. Fit my energy to the task.

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