Eleven from Stranger Things Drawing

I’m onto the next Fandom Fitness drawing today and I’m having fun with Eleven from stranger things.

The photo I picked shows the Eleven in a more vulnerable state which is much different than any other artist has depicted this her.

I liked this scene from Stranger Things because of the vulnerability shown in Eleven. Yes she awesome powers but it’s important not to forget, like the other characters on the show did some time, that she is just a young girl. A very young girl that has had a really hard life.

I like the common humanity of it. I feel a connection with this side of her, not the super power side.

In my opinion it’s the vulnerable and human side of a super hero that gives us the notion that they aren’t much different than us. And if this super hero has the same vulnerabilities as me than maybe I can be super too.

eleven from stranger things drawing

It’s just the beginning of the drawing today. I got the major proportions down today with the help of some grid lines. The rest should be all about me trying to find a motive and instilling that into the value work.

I’m fearing the Eggo waffle boxes though, it’s going to be tedious to get the text to look right.

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Gestures for Today

I’m back to Nicolaides and The Natural Way to Draw again. I’m beginning to really enjoy these gestures and I find it amazing how much I can do in 1 minute now. It seems much longer than it used to be.

What went well?

Eleven is starting well and I feel as though I can finish it quickly.

What didn’t go so well?

I dislike using the crutch of a grid but it really helps in getting the drawings done faster.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Using a grid really kills my freedom with my arm. I tend to get too exact right away. I’m going to make good note of this and make sure not to use it again for work that isn’t on a time crunch.

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