Eleven Drawing Finished, Captain Marvel Drawing Started

After a few changes I’ve finished the Eleven drawing plus I started a new one of Captain Marvel.

I took off some of the shirt on the top left. Then I removed a lot of the haphazard sketchiness from the bottom right. Now I can call the Eleven drawing finished this time.

eleven from stranger things

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Captain Marvel

I thought there would be much more choices of imagery online of Captain Marvel but I had a very hard time finding good image of her. Or, to be more precise, I couldn’t find an image I liked of her. All the images I pulled down were of good quality.

I would rather have an image that showed more emotion and didn’t just feature the same trope as always with superheros. But for now I’m going to go with this image. Maybe I’ll find a better one later and do the drawing over.

captain marvel drawing

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me on this one…

The Natural Way to Draw

Today’s exercise is another modeled drawing with ink. I love how the ball point pen glides over the newsprint on these.

The bottom drawing I did a bit more exact than normal and departed from the letter of the exercise a bit. I just felt like producing a drawing with a bit more accurate proportions.

modeled drawings in ink

Today’s Daily Composition

Pattie and I were on a Zoom call yesterday morning with an awesome couple and their fun kids. They are both also in the Optimize program and it was wonderful to connect with them.

I drew the Pattie’s laptop on a chair in our living room as we were sitting on the floor talking to them.

I was pleasantly amazed that I remembered this much about the scene honestly. But I have drawn the objects in our living room before.

daily composition drawing


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