Eleven Drawing and Modeled Drawing in Ink

First I worked on a couple modeled drawings in ink than I moved to the second session of my Eleven Drawing.

As I’m doing the modeled drawings in ink from Nicolaides book The Natural Way to Draw, I’m thinking about different types of lines making texture.

I tried haphazard geometric lines, scribbles with lots of hard edges, then haphazard organic lines, scribbles with lots of circles. Then I tried lines that went against the form and lines that went with the form. Finally I was combining all types along with varying my pressure on the pen.

In the end I was able to determine a few things.

  • Geometric scribbles create a charged energy but the form is confused.
  • Organic scribbles create a flowing energy but the form is also confused.
  • Going against the form creates a lot of volume.
  • Going with the form creates a lot of movement but the form goes flat.
  • Combining all of them or any number of them really needs some different line weights for sensitivity and delicacy.

I was hoping that I could use some of this work for my Eleven drawing but I didn’t think any would work well.

modeled drawing in ink

Eleven Drawing

I wanted to spend some extra time on this drawing today and really focus on building up the form with some energy. The first thing I did was look at some influences.

My first go to were drawings by Dan Thompson that I love. He is able to instill a lot of energy into his work while keeping the form and making it look so expressive.

My second influence that I looked at was Nicolai Fechin drawings. I’ve actually seen some of these drawing in person and they are simply amazing. I love the simplicity of his drawings, masterful!

So now I risk putting my drawing right next to some of the greatest, yikes! This is a great way to learn!

eleven drawing session 2

The simplicity of great artists I’m sure comes with time and confidence in skills. For now I will settle for making small incremental gains every day in moving towards that direction.

I’ll have to continue to refine my drawings so that I can communicate more with less.

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

Bruce Lee

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