Elevating the Mundane 6: Session 2

I may continue this series for a while, I’m feeling a very strong attraction to its simplicity, yet I also see a power in the imagery. Unfortunately this power is lost in photographs.

I guess its good that a painting of mine is being deadened by photography, I never knew why there was such a fuss about Rembrandt until I had the pleasure of viewing his paintings in person. This is better than the alternate of my paintings looking better in photographs rather than in person.

There is always this question in the back of my head, “Why paint realistically?”.  We have all seen these objects, we all know these objects, and a realistic painting isn’t doing much more than indicating to the viewer of the artists abilities.

Or is it?

Over the past two years of art I have done several works, less than 5, that pervade an emotion that I cannot explain. These pieces were as normal, a depiction of the subject, not altered much beyond the normal filtering of visual input through my brain and onto the canvas. But, regardless of their similarity with the exact same object not mere feet away they have more power. I can’t explain it, I can’t describe it well and language seems insufficient in doing so.

So, I will continue.


The Setup

The Subject

Session Details