Elevating the Mundane 35: Session 3

I had a super awesome amazing highly motivating day today. I watched this awesome video from Jeff Watts that really said everything that I have been thinking for a while now. This brought all the difficulties of training in art out in the open for me and made it easy to formulate a master plan for training that will hopefully propel my artwork quality forward.

Check out this awesome video. I have already watched it a couple times and just about everything Jeff Watts says is right on the dot correct and true. I have felt a lot of these things for years but have avoided all of the hard truths. Not anymore, I’m going to put it to work, get a clear direction, plan a routine daily, set some goals and work harder. A half hour of painting is not enough to ever reach my main goal, I must push myself harder and further, I CAN do it!

And the motivation spilled over into my nightly still life, I actually worked a whole hour for once, plus other art stuff I did today.

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