Eggo Waffle Boxes and Daily Composition

I have two new challenges today. The first is drawing printed text on Eggo waffle boxes and the other is daily composition drawings from memory.

I’m very close to finished with this drawing of Eleven from Stranger things but first I have to tackle the exact rendering of logos and text on a waffle box.

I’m attempting to drawing it with pure observation first but I know that I’m going to need some help with comparing my work in Photoshop to get it too look right.

I’ll also give impressions of the other text on the boxes but without drawing every single letter. The most important part is the Eggo Waffle logo.

eggo waffle boxes drawing

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Daily Composition from Memory

Here is a new exercise, a daily exercise, from The Natural Way to Draw that I’m super excited about.

My task is to draw a daily composition with figure(s) that I’ve experienced in the last 24 hours. It must be done from memory and I need to do at least one every single day for 365 days. Awesome! For some reason I love art challenges that span a large amount of time. It’s a commitment to excellence that I embody every day with this blog and my daily art practice.

For my daily composition today I recalled a scene from my morning walk that is along the coast where I passed a woman walking her dog on the path. I attempted it in ink but I think it would have worked better with some type of paint so I could cover the whole page with some dark shadows.

daily composition drawing

I’m happy with the landscape, maybe because it’s easier to recall and the details don’t matter as much, but the figure and the dog is super simple and childish.

Here are some example that are in the book from masters that I just love. At first I looked at these and thought they looked very easy to accomplish, I was so wrong.

Daily composition by daumier
Collection of Claude Roger Marx, Paris
Don Quixote by Daumier
Daily composition by by Forain
Collection of Mrs. Diego Suarez
Photograph by courtesy of the Frick Art Reference Library
Lawyers in the Lobby by Forain
daily composition by Van Dyck
Kupferstick Kabinett, Berlin
Ruggiero and Angelika by Van Dyck

Modeled Drawings in Ink

Lastly I did a couple modeled drawings in ink. An exercise also from The Natural Way to Draw.

modeled drawing in ink

What went well?

Lots of art done early this morning!

What didn’t go so well?

I feel as though I’m rushing this part of the Eleven drawing. I would like to slow down a bit and focus more.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

The daily compositions are going to be harder than I thought but I expect to learn so much.

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