Editing the Yoda Drawing

After a nights rest and looking at yesterdays post once again I decided to edit the Yoda drawing a little.

Yoda Drawing (edit)

I didn’t like how the part of his robe to the left of his cane was taking too much light and attention so I darkened it a bunch. The focus should be all on the top half of the drawing, much less on the bottom.

Yoda drawing in graphite

Previous Yoda Drawing Posts

Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

My normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


The 250 box challenge from drawabox.com is taking be about 30 minutes per page. If I do 5 boxes per page then I need to only do 50 of these pages. After over 7 years of daily art and 2738 days, yes I’m boasting a bit, this task seems very easy.

draw a box exercise

Long Modeled Drawing in Ink

My second session on this drawing and I’m having a lot of fun describing form in ink.

Long Modeled drawing in ink

One Minute Gestures

I spent some extra time today and did a round of one minute gestures in graphite. The first couple pages I was working fast, moving my hand quickly. But for the rest of the pages I focused on equanimity of mind and being succinct with each stroke. Economy is much harder and when it’s done well it can be the sign of a person who has mastered their craft.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

A sketch of the camera I use to take all my photos and of my neighbor standing by his grill yesterday. He was pondering something, lost in thought, I for some reason I saw him standing as a proud master of the grill. My original view of him was on level but I encouraged the heroic idea by drawing him from below.

daily composition and sketch

What went well?

The Yoda drawing is finished! Again! I’m glad I decided to edit the Yoda drawing, it’s better for it.

What needs work?

I’m getting distracted from my art easily. Mostly by food…

What did I learn?

Building a box from my imagination is difficult but a certain order of placing the lines helps a bunch

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