Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon cooper drawing

Similar to my Spock drawing I wanted to depict Sheldon in his logical and straight edge way. But I also wanted that hint of his smug attitude. 


Drawing Sessions

Sheldon cooper drawing cover

Drawing In a Hurry

I’m drawing in a hurry this morning because I’m off work and we have a hike planned with a friend up in the Mt Baker area.

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Sheldon cooper drawing in graphite cover

Conservation of Values

I’m learning with this drawing of Sheldon that conservation of values is harder than having a larger range of values at hand. With limitation comes subtlety.

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Transplant Anniversary

Today is the two year anniversary of my kidney transplant! Today I’m celebrating my amazing friend and her astonishing gift with a day off work and a hike in the mountains.

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sheldon cooper cover

Sheldon Cooper Drawing

I’m back in the groove now with the beginning of a new Fandom Fitness drawing. This time I’m drawing Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

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