Xena 2


  • Work: 1696
  • Size: 14" x 17"
  • Medium: Graphite on Paper
  • Sessions: 15
  • Start date: 4/17/2020
  • End date: 4/28/2020


Xena Drawing Finished

I’m happy to announce that this Xena drawing is finished and I’m done with this character. Time to move onto the next one.

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Xena Drawing Almost Done

The Xena drawing is almost done. I would have finished it today but I’m not a tight schedule of creativity throughout my day.

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Xena: Pure Black with Graphite

Xena has such wonderful jet black hair and in order to go pure black with graphite I needed to really work my arm hard.

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Xena Drawing With Motive

Instead of just drawing what I see in the photo I focused on drawing with motive today.

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Xena: Back on Track

I’m back on track today and working on the same drawing of Xena I started from two days ago. I also got some great gestures done today.

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Xena: Short Day

Lots of challenges today with web stuff so my art time turned into a very short day.

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Group Poses and Another Xena

Having more fun with another practice called “Group Poses” plus I started a new Xena drawing.

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Xena: See Structure

I’m trying hard to see structure in the photo of Xena I’ve been drawing from for the past couple days and it’s not going well.

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Xena Overworked

I really dislike this latest Xena drawing. I’ve overworked it and killed any emotion or feeling in it.

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Reverse Gestures and Xena

I really enjoyed the reverse gestures exercise from The Natural Way to Draw this morning.

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Focus on the Process

Instead of constantly getting discouraged I try to focus on the process not the outcome.

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The Problem With Drawing Methods

Drawing Xena and measuring before every stroke I realized the problem with drawing methods upon checking my progress.

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A Traditional Approach to Drawing

Today I switched gears, picked a new image, and tried a more traditional approach to drawing Xena.

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Bad Drawing

I was pushing myself to just let the drawing happen and it turned into a pretty bad drawing.

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Trying to See

We need to have a deep willingness to do “bad” or “ugly” art when trying to see rather than copy.

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