I wanted to convey a feeling that the dinosaur is reaching out of the page trying to bite the head off the viewer.

The first composition wasn’t working well so I changed it to what I have now to increase the angles in the composition.

I also softened the edges of the parts of the tyrannosaurus that were farther away from the view as well as creating after images of the tail to suggest movement.

Total time: 26 hours



  • Work: 1736
  • Size: 16" x 24"
  • Medium: Charcoal and Graphite on Paper
  • Sessions: 9
  • Start date: 9/1/2020
  • End date: 9/10/2020


Tyrannosaurus Drawing Finished

After making some adjustments to the tail I’m calling this Tyrannosaurus drawing finished.

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How Much is Not Enough?

I beginning to get comfortable with minimal detail in my drawings but there is always a question about how much is not enough.

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Complex Forms with Scales

I’m learning that describing complex forms that are smooth is much easier than trying to describe complex forms with scales.

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A Very Productive Labor Day

I’ve had a very productive labor day today by focusing as much as I can on art throughout the day.

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Art and Recovery

Today was a relaxing and easy day as I focused on art and recovery by drawing early and keeping my workout easy.

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Put Motive First

With every new drawing I try to put motive first. It’s the motive or idea that determines everything from composition to material.

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A Day of Adjustments

Today has been a day of adjustments. I’m going to be adjusting my current Jurassic Park drawing as well as my future roadmap of practice and performance.

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Tyrannosaurus Drawing Composition Work

Today was the first day of work on the Tyrannosaurus drawing but I’m not convinced the composition will communicate action, movement and depth.

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Researching Tyrannosaurus Images

I’m in between Fandom Fitness drawings currently so I spent a lot of my time today researching Tyrannosaurus images for a Jurassic Park drawing.

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