Even though this drawing took 15 sessions I had many more permutations of Superman that went into the garbage.

Getting a likeness of Christopher Reeves was very difficult but in the end I feel I achieved it.


  • Work: 1648
  • Size: 17" x 14"
  • Medium: Graphite and Charcoal on Paper
  • Sessions: 15
  • Start date: 2/1/2020
  • End date: 2/8/2020


Superman: Finished, Wonder Woman Next

I put the finial touches on Superman and started Wonder Woman today.

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Superman: Close to Finished

Honestly I don’t think I need to get too detailed in his body, the major part of this drawing, his portrait, is done and I like it.

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Superman: Finally One I Like

I kept working on the previous drawing, at first to experiment then I liked it so much I decided to keep going.

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Superman: Even Better

I always keep my latest work out so I can look at it throughout the day. Because of this I had to adjust the drawing more.

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Superman: I Have What I want

I didn’t want to get this detailed with the drawing but I felt like I needed to in order to get the likeness.

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Superman: Getting Close

I switched to graphite for this drawing and took my time on it. I wanted to do the best I could.

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Superman: The Elusive Likeness

I don’t think I’ve every had a likeness so hard to capture. Every time I draw Christopher Reeve I don’t quite capture him.

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