• Work: 1701
  • Size: 14" x 17"
  • Medium: Charcoal on Paper
  • Sessions: 5
  • Start date: 5/13/2020
  • End date: 5/17/2020


Finishing Spock and an Easy Art Day

Sunday morning and I’m taking it easy, just doing a few things I’ve committed to and finishing Spock.

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Draw With, Or Against the Form

Most of my decisions, while applying value on the Spock drawing, is whether to draw with, or against the form.

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Mixing Charcoal and Graphite

Spock needed more intricacy to describe the complexity of his face so today I began mixing charcoal and graphite into this drawing and it’s working really well.

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Spock, Modeled Painting, Gestures and Daily Comp

Super full day of art! I started with a modeled painting in gouache, then gestures from memory, then a daily composition and finally some more drawing on Mr. Spock.

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Drawing of Spock

Next up for Fandom Fitness is a drawing of Spock from Star Trek.

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