Severus Snape


For my Severus Snape drawing I saw a confluence of my self-portrait drawing and my drawing of Black Panther coming together in a torrent of emotional swirls surrounding the stoic mask of Snape’s face.

The top left is a dark mark and the right is a doe Patronus, each have countering swirls of motion, simulating emotion, irradiating from his head.

What makes Serverus Snap’s character so complex is the deep dark evil of his involvement with Voldemort and his deep love for Lilly Potter yet his inability to express those emotions. He is trained in magical espionage and to let his mask slip would mean death for others and breaking of his word.

The center of this emotion, the eye of the storm, is the stoic mask of Snape. Almost closed completely shut from all emotion.


Daily Art #2905

Severus Snape is finished! Unless I decide it isn’t…

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Daily Art #2904

When dealing with values this dark photographs just don’t see all the subtle transitions.

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Daily Art #2903

Working on Snape’s coat and cloak is really pulling this whole drawing together. Much more than I would have thought earlier.

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Daily Art #2902

There will be just some mall adjustment on the dark mark next session then the rest of the drawing is going to be all about Snape’s cloak.

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Daily Art #2901

I’m excited to say that at this point, the doe is done. I’m not saying I won’t change it in the future but for now I’m happy.

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Daily Art #2900

Another short art morning but I see the end in sight for this drawing.

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Daily Art #2899

When a piece takes this long to figure out at some point you start second guessing your abilities.

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Daily Art #2898

I lowered the intensity of the doe for today’s session, I’m not sure it’s better so I’m going to move on and live with it for a while.

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Daily Art #2897

The doe is looking much more Patronus like after today’s session.

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Daily Art #2896

I feel that I’m on the right track now with the doe patronus. But it’s going to take a while to get right.

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Daily Art #2895

This is getting just a bit repetitive but anything worth wile is challenging at times.

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Daily Art #2894

Every so slowly I’m getting closer to what feels like the vision I want to communicate in the background of this drawing.

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Daily Art #2893

I’m struggling to clarify my vision of the background behind Snape both in my mind and on the paper.

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Daily Art #2892

Today’s art session is much the same as yesterday but I’m having some issues with creating what I see in my head.

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Daily Art #2891

I’m being true to my word and simplifying my posts for a while so I can focus on other projects.

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Making Some Transitions

I have some major projects going on right now so I’m making some transitions to how I work daily at least for the next couple weeks.

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Constant Check In With Your Motive

Life and art are magnificently connected and I’m always happy when I find yet another correlation between the two.

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Everything Ready at Hand

Another quick video and post today and this one is about having everything you need to be creative ready at hand.

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Day to Day, Keep Showing Up, Keep Creating

This is going to be a quick one today. All I have for you is some basic advance of day to day, keep showing up and keep creating.

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How to Feel Accomplished With Every Art Session

I didn’t have much time for my Snape drawing today but I still feel accomplished after the art session with some simple planning.

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Self Compassion

One of the best practices we can have to keep our motivation high is self compassion. Be your own teammate not competitor.

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The Last Number in the Combination

I read a wonderful quote today by Jim Rohn about motivation and finding that last number in the combination to passionate practice.

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Sleep! Your Creative Power Plant

Ever since I read Why We Sleep I’ve focused on getting the best out of my creative power plant, sleep, and it’s changed my life.

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Motive is the Root of Motivation

I have two amazing realizations for you today, the first is about my drawing of Snape and the second is about how motive is the root of motivation.

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Showing Up on the Hard Days

Many posts I’ve talked about having the motivation, willpower and commitment to showing up on the hard days and today my commitment was tested.

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From Average to Warrior

I love this quote from Carlos Castaneda that shines some clarity on what it take to move from average to warrior every day of our lives.

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Create Space for Inspiration

I’m super excited this morning because I’ve had a tremendous moment of inspiration! Like lightning that has struck my brain.

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Three Art Tips in One Post

I have three art tips in this post today, the first is knowing your materials, then the “Right Angle Study” and lastly is have your materials ready at hand.

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Patience and Consistency

I’ve started the next Fandom Fitness drawing and this one is of Severus Snape from Harry Potter.

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  • Work: 1755
  • Size: 18" x 24"
  • Medium: Graphite and Charcoal on Paper
  • Sessions: 29
  • Start date: 12/11/2020
  • End date: 1/8/2021