Princess Bride

This is my second attempt at this Fandom and my focus is on getting the portraits to look accurate and the composition inviting. I feel that I’ve accomplished that, and even though this drawing is better than the last I don’t feel that it’s one of my best.

What I do like is the expression on Westley’s face. He captures the sometime serious some times comedic character in the movie.


  • Work: 1760
  • Size: 16" x 20"
  • Medium: Graphite and Charcoal on Paper
  • Sessions: 13
  • Start date: 2/12/2021
  • End date: 2/23/2021


Daily Art #2952

I’ve finished my drawing of Westley and Buttercup from the Princess Bride movie. It’s not my best drawing in the Fandom Fitness series, but I did it.

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Daily Art #2951

Working on Westley’s sword arm and hand today after most of my day spent at work.

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Daily Art #2950

It’s amazing how just adding in a few sharp lines and darker values will change an area from a blob of unfinished to an object with form.

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Daily Art #2949

It’s interesting how some small changes can bring a drawing closer to finished than hours of larger work.

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Daily Art #2948

Letting go this morning with lots of charcoal I filled in most of the lower half of my Princess Bride drawing.

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Daily Art #2947

My energy today has been sapped because work started in the morning, my normal art time.

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Daily Art #2946

More work on Westley’s face today. I think his portrait will come together much faster.

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Daily Art #2945

I think that Buttercup’s face is working well now after some small changes to her eyes and the values of her face.

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Daily Art #2944

Struggling with structure and softness within Buttercup’s face.

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Daily Art #2943

Adding more charcoal to the paper and trying to keep it smooth for a feminine face.

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Daily Art #2942

A shorter session this morning focused on drawing corrections and accuracy.

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Daily Art #2941

Today was supposed to be all about getting the drawing refined for the whole drawing but I was seduced by detail.

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Daily Art #2940

My second attempt at drawing Westley and Buttercup Princess Bride with hopes that this one will go much better.

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