I planned to try and instill some elegance in the forms of each Pokemon similar to what I’ve seen in many Manga books.

Creating and illustration like this is very new for me and I’m looking at all kinds of art to help me. First I started with Pokemon art, then moved to Manga art, now I’m looking at pencil work from comic books.

Eventually it was heavily influenced by comic book art.


  • Work: 1734
  • Size: 11" x 19"
  • Medium: Graphite on Paper
  • Sessions: 10
  • Start date: 8/22/2020
  • End date: 8/31/2020


Pokemon Drawing Finished

After lots of challenges, lots of learning and more time than I would have expected my Pokemon Drawing is Finished

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Art and Wood Working

Today was another very long day of art but this one also included a lot of wood working.

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Preparing My Artwork for a Show

My wonderful day of art started with an early session, then a fantastic call with other artists from Optimize.me then the rest of the day was spent preparing my artwork for a show.

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New Pencil Sharpener

Another shorter art session today but I got to play with a new pencil sharpener from Kum that works wonderfully.

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Just Take a Day

I needed to just take a day. None of my days are spent doing nothing but this was definitely less productive than most.

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Kneadable Eraser as a Maquette

In order to help me visualize how light would fall on an imaginative form I had a brilliant realization that I could use my kneadable eraser as a maquette.

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Imagining How Light Will Fall

I continue to challenge myself with my Pokemon drawing today by imagining how light will fall on an imaginative form.

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Seeing the Simple Shapes

For the Pokemon drawing I focused on seeing the simple shapes that made up the Aerodactyl. Then shading the Pokemon to match the light source.

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Influenced by Comic Book Art

I began shading in the Pokemon drawing this morning which is trying to be heavily influenced by comic book art.

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Pokemon Drawing

I’ve always tried to avoid tracing in my art career but for this Pokemon drawing and it’s complex assortment of cartoon characters I decided it was the best route.

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