The story of the hummingbird is deeply meaningful to Pattie and I. We try to remember the hummingbird on the difficult days.

We are going to have challenges and if we are pushing past our comfort zone and into our growth zone we are going to have challenges daily. The challenges range from simple, such as not having enough time in the day to catastrophic. The death of a loved one.

The story of the hummingbird is a Native American story that teaches about doing what one can in the face of extreme challenge. It’s not about a hero overcoming the powers of evil but of the smallest of animals doing what she can.


Remember the Hummingbird

The story of the hummingbird is deeply meaningful to Pattie and I. We try to remember the hummingbird on the difficult days.

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Art and Language

This post is my brief and humble attempt to describe the important connection between art and language.

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5 Mindsets That Keep Us From Creating

I happened along a photography post that succinctly describes 5 mindset that keep us from creating what we love, the wisdom is universal.

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The Bridge Between Artistic Vision and the World. Skill!

I’m really loving The Creative Habit book by Twyla Tharp and she has a wonderful quote about the bridge between artistic vision and the world.

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Showing Up

For some reason I didn’t have the greatest motivation for drawing this morning but I pride myself in turning pro and showing up Steven Pressfield style.

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Amazing Panels My Dad Made

For most of my childhood I’ve watched my Dad create and now he and I can collaborate with these amazing panels my dad made.

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Do Something!

Don’t just read this post. Don’t just watch the video. Don’t just talk, think or dream. Do something! The doing is what really matters.

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Charcoal over Graphite

Another day in my daily art habit and I figured I’d talk about layering charcoal over graphite to get a next level of value in your drawings.

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Practicing Your Philosophy

I spent most of my time today running errands so I didn’t have much time for art but I planned for it, got my 30 minute in and feel accomplished.

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Light Doesn’t Matter, Form is Paramount

I just consumed the section in The Natural Way to Draw which basically says that light doesn’t matter, form is paramount. But I forgot this truth with Pocahontas.

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The Board I Draw On

I wanted to provide some practical information with this post which is why I’m writing about the board I draw on.

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Focus, Clips and Bad Drawings

Everyday is always a day of learning and today I’ve learned a bit more on focus, clips and bad drawings.

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Managing Distractions

A shorter art day today because I had problems managing distractions.

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Shading Tips With Pocahontas

I working only in graphite on my Pocahontas drawing and I’m keep it very soft with no hard edges so I felt it fitting to talk about shading tips.

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A Day of Challenges

Not only did I wake up late this morning but it seemed that all tech was against me, it was a day of challenges. Bring it on!

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What is Your Art Ritual?

While reading The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp I was struck by her use of “Ritual” rather than “Habit” and it’s meaning has really resonated with me.

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Pocahontas Research, Going Beyond the Surface

Today I’m in between Fandom Fitness drawings so I spent most of my time on Pocahontas Research. The rest of my time was on practice.

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  • Work: 1751
  • Size: 12" x 18"
  • Medium: Graphite on Paper
  • Sessions: 17
  • Start date: 11/9/2020
  • End date: 11/26/2020