Harry Potter


  • Work: 1703
  • Size: 14" x 17"
  • Medium: Charcoal and Graphite on Paper
  • Sessions: 6
  • Start date: 5/19/2020
  • End date: 5/24/2020


Harry Potter Drawing Finished

I had planned to spend only a half hour on the Harry Potter Drawing this morning but I was so engrossed that I finished it.

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Short Art Morning

Today I decided to take a short art morning and focus on catching up on piles of to-do’s that I need to get done.

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The Dark Side of Harry Potter’s Face

I keep piling on more and more charcoal to the dark side of Harry Potter’s face to really push the transition of his whole head.

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Focus On Structure

I’m trying hard to look at Harry Potter’s head, see the large masses and focus on the structure of his head so I can communicate its volume before all the details.

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Right-Angle Gesture Study + Harry Potter

With a day off work and a hike in the future I’m excited to get my at in early and to try a new exercise of right-angle gesture study.

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A Resolute Harry Potter

Today I started on the next Fandom Fitness drawing, Harry Potter. This one features a courageous and resolute Harry Potter facing his death.

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