• Work: 1681
  • Size: 18" x 22"
  • Medium: Graphite on Paper
  • Sessions: 8
  • Start date: 3/23/2020
  • End date: 3/30/2020


Gandalf: Finished

I really wanted to finish this drawing so for my art time today this was the only thing I worked on.

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Gandalf: Lots of Graphite

I’m working on the bottom half of Gandalf and the area is so dark that I have to put down a ton of graphite.

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Gandalf: Taking My Time

At the moment I’m not overly concerned with finishing.

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Gandalf: Short Day

I decided to do a shorter art session today and just focus on Gandalf.

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Gandalf: Paper Patchwork and a Toilet Gesture

Probably my best title ever!! You have to read to see what it’s all about.

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Gandalf: Gestures and Contours

My Gandalf drawing is looking really good so far. I wish I had more time to work on it today.

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Gandalf: Gestures and Cross-Contours

Gandalf is coming along nicely but it’s the cross-contours that I’m having trouble with.

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Gandalf: Start

The next Fandom Fitness character is one of my lifetime favorites, Gandalf.

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