Drawing While Traveling

Today is the first of two days that we will be traveling. I wasn’t looking forward to the 13 hours of flying that we would have to do but I knew that our trip and Europe would be wonderful. So I prepared for the trip by bringing a small sketchbook the fit easily in the pocket of my shorts along with two ink pens.

I have done lots of drawing while traveling before, it is by far the easiest and most mobile form of artwork of course. This is the first time I will be drawing in ink while traveling though, so its going to be interesting.

ink drawing while traveling on plane by chris beaven I did this drawing from a magazine photo. It was one of those magazines that you get in the seat pocket on the plane. Luckily at this point there wasn’t much turbulance at all so I could get some accurate work done.

chris-beaven-ink-travel-sketch-2-090715 I was going to pull up some of the nude figures that I had on my ipad and draw some figures while on the plane but I was worried about what the people around me would think. It could be upsetting to the lady next to me to see a nude male or female on my device. So I opted to go through the list of entertainment on the in flight wifi website and drew from movie covers.

drawing while traveling on a plane by chris beavenI also had the Andrew Loomis book Drawing The Head and Hands on my Ipad so I was drawing from it also. These drawings were terrible, the plane was shaking so much I couldn’t get any lines to go in their correct place.

chris-beaven-ink-travel-sketch-6-090715 This is where I was sitting before boarding. I drew the poster of the mountain and began adding other people into the sketch. From this I began to really understand how good some of the urban sketchers I’ve seen are.

urban sketch drawing while travelingMost experienced urban sketchers would laugh at this one, but that is ok I don’t have much experience in drawing while traveling.

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