Drawing of Yoda

I’ve started on the next Fandom Fitness drawing and Star Wars fans will hopefully love my drawing of Yoda when it’s finished.

Yoda Drawing

I picked the version of Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back because I grew up with these movies and I feel they are far superior to the newer movies. Besides, this is a creation from Jim Henson!

Yoda drawing

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

I had some trouble with a lot of the ellipses this morning.


This is my second page of boxes for the 250 box challenge from drawabox.com. I learned from my last page and only did 5 boxes per page because all the lines were getting super confusing with 10 boxes on the page.

My challenge now is to try and draw pages that don’t have any highlighted lines. These lines indicate that the perspective is off a bit.

Draw a box exercise 250 boxes

Steve Huston Perspective Exercise

I really like this exercise, especially today as it is paired with the right angle study from Nicolaides. The purpose of this exercise it to look at the figure, in life or photograph, and adjust the perspective so it’s like your looking at it from a slightly different angle. These small little adjustments in your viewing angle really makes you think about the form and how it need to move in space.

steve huston perspective exercise

Right Angle Study

Besides gesture drawing this may be my most favorite exercise from The Natural Way to Draw. Here you look at a figure and draw it as if your seeing the figure from a completely different angle. It’s much harder than the perspective exercise by Steve Huston but I can get immediate feedback with it.

If I was in front of a live model it would be easier to get the feedback, I would just move to the spot where I was visualizing from. But when working from photographs I have to find some source images that has the figure taken from multiple angles. I’m using a PDF of an Art Models book, but this website looks promising also.

right angle study

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

This is my chair. It’s a cheap chair from Ikea that I added a cushion to because the original is wearing out.

The daily composition is of an older gentleman mowing his lawn with an electric lawn mower. If we ever buy a house again I’m going to get an electric mower, they are super quiet it’s almost relaxing listening to the hum.

daily composition and daily sketch

What went well?

Love my art mornings! Plus I think my drawing of Yoda is going to be a great one!

What needs work?

I’m still struggling with distractions with the second half of my art day.

What did I learn?

I’m trying out some awesome new paper for this Yoda drawing, Strahmore Bristol paper. Steve Huston was using this and I noticed that he was able to move the charcoal around much easier than I was with my other sketch paper. Plus this paper is like a card stock and will be better for the longevity of these drawings.


  1. Wow, the Yoda drawing is actually taking some time to get right. But that’s good. Don’t rush it.
    I’m struggling with understanding your mistakes in the draw-a-box exercise, because my brain doesn’t see a perspective error. But I’ll take you at your word.
    Keep it up.

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