Drawing of Spock

Next up for Fandom Fitness is a drawing of Spock from Star Trek.

The beginning of this drawing is going wonderful!

On my morning walk I had an epiphany of doing the drawing of Spock all in angles and straight lines. To make the creation of the drawing match the character of him. Considering he is a very logical, mathematical and pedantic character I feel it is fitting that he be drawn using nothing but geometric shapes.

Spock Drawing

I also switched to charcoal for this drawing as I would like to get some deeper dark tones easier. Graphite is truly lacking in this department. The only draw back with charcoal is that I have to be very careful at the beginning and not go so dark as it is hard to erase.

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Drawing Warm-up Video

Over at the Jansen Art Center’s website for the Whatcom Arts Project they posted my latest video. This one is me going through my warm-up process before I start drawing. You can see an example of one of the warm-up drawings in today’s post.

Today’s Gestures

I was also supposed to do a modeled painting in Gouache today but I got behind schedule so that will need to wait till tomorrow.

Daily Composition

Daily Composition

Wow, I’m so bad a these that I’m almost reluctant to post it.

This is a drawing of my landlord talking to me from the back yard. I really liked her hat but I couldn’t remember anything but her head and her hat. I had to guess at the rest of her body and it’s position.

The beginning of y day with the Drawing of Spock and Gestures were going really well, I was feeling great about my skills. Then I do the daily composition and see a huge hole is my training. It’s actually quite wonderful. I know what need and want to work on!

To move forward with my memory training, besides doing the memory drawings in The Natural Way to Draw, I purchased Memory Drawing: Perceptual Training and Recall by Darren R. Rousar. This book was mentioned on James Gourney’s blog about a week ago.

Step one, list my weaknesses.

Step two, eradicate each one at a time.

What went well?

Great start on the drawing of Spock

What didn’t go so well?

Daily compositions need work!

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Recognize anything I fear to do in art then do it. Fear is a great indicator of a pathway to a better self.

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