Drawing Materials Video and More Xena

Due to the covid-19 crisis lots of artists are coming together, and I made a drawing materials video for the Jansen Art Center.

You can see this awesome post on the Jansen Art Center website about the Whatcom Arts Project along with my video on drawing materials and some awesome musicians.

Whatcom Arts Project and the Jansen Arts Center

Drawing Materials Video

My first video ever on art stuff! Cut me some slack for the lack of quality.

Today’s Drawings

For drawing today I was super distracted because I was thinking about the video I made and my recent decision to focus on my personal work and not make any more videos for the Whatcom Arts Project. I feel like it would just take too much time, and I have such a busy schedule as it is.

But, I think it may be the time to step up, and step out of my comfort zone, and do more videos like this. I could start small and work my way up. Connection over perfection.

So my thoughts were distracted during drawing, but for a good reason. Here are the drawings.

What went well?

Some drawing done.

What didn’t go so well?

My mind was distracted.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

I can recognize that my mind is distracted and deal with it before drawing.

Here are the previous post on this Xena drawing.

4 thoughts on “Drawing Materials Video and More Xena”

  1. Great video. I like it quite a bit because it’s just you talking about drawing without a lot of over-production that you see in some videos. In the end, great content matters more than bells and whistles. So keep up the great content.

    • Your comment is super helpful! I was thinking about doing more videos but was afraid it would take too much time. I felt that I needed to do all the production stuff. Now I’m going to rethink that. Thank you!

      • I’m glad I could help!

        Over the past twenty years, I’ve given hundreds of talks on all things Catholic. (My first career choice was to be a university professor of Catholic theology.) But that’s not the point; it’s only the background.

        Here’s a little trick I’ve picked up on completely more natural when giving a talk.

        Preplanning: Do all the prep you need, make all the detailed notes you need. Get organized. I find using a giant whiteboard to be helpful. If you don’t have a whiteboard, then use a sheet of paper and just tape additional sheets as necessary. And I find mind-mapping to be very helpful for me to put down all my thoughts and see all the connections between my thoughts. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to figure out what you want to say and in the order you want to say it. I remember one talk was so complicated that I was taking pictures of my whiteboard so I could add on to it. But the process didn’t change.

        The Notecard: Now, distill all of that information down to 4 to 6 points you want to make, and limit your notes to one 3×5 notecard. And that’s all you use when giving your talk.

        So, for example, your talk could’ve have been distilled down to something like this:

        1. Pencils
        – Charcoal
        – Graphite
        2. Erasers
        3. Paper
        – Newsprint
        – Drawing Paper
        4. Drawing Board

        (I can’t indent in the comments, but I think you get the idea.)

        Also, for you, tape the notecard right in front of you, on the side of your monitor. The most awkward part of your video was that you kept looking away to your notes. Not a big deal, but probably best to avoid.

        Now, if you’ve done all your prep — and sometimes you don’t need to do a lot of prep for a topic — all you need is that notecard to prompt your memory, and you’ll come across very natural. And if that card is positioned so you don’t have to look away, it’ll be a very smooth transition from point to point.


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