Drawing in Germany

Some days are much harder than others to get my daily art in and today was pretty darn hard. But the great new is, we made it to Germany safely. 

We arrived in the morning around 10am and I didn’t get more than a hour or two of sleep on the plane, I’m too tall for any flight to be comfortable. I did first drawing in Germany at the Frankfurt airport during our three hour layover but mostly we were walking around, getting breakfast and trying to stay away to battle the jet-lag.

me at the hotel room while drawing in germanyOur last hour of flying brought us to our final destination and after some really stressful time with finding out how to get to the hotel room, we arrived. The hotel room was small but more than adequate enough for me to work and get some artwork done, but we were starving so any more drawing in Germany will have to wait till after we find dinner.

After a wonderful dinner we headed back to our room and I was so tired I could only complete a quick half hour drawing of myself in the mirror. I look really angry in the drawing, mostly because I’m looking slightly up at myself and mostly because during our dash to the train from the airport I lost my two ink pens. Luckily I have more, but I bought those pens specially for this trip and loosing them right at the beginning really stinks.
my first terrible drawing in germany by chris beavenSo basically today’s daily art of drawing was kinda terrible. I really need to get better at urban sketching so that even in these situations and can come out with some piece of artwork that I at least want to show on my website. Oh well, I have years ahead to fill the gaps in my drawing ability and today fulfilled the most basic of my quest, which is to constantly keep a connection between my brain, my hand, and the world around me.

drawing in germany at an airport

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