Drawing In a Hurry

I’m drawing in a hurry this morning because I’m off work and we have a hike planned with a friend up in the Mt Baker area.

I had only about 20 minutes to work on Sheldon today but I was able to make some significant value changes to his face. This was the first session that I was standing while drawing and I was able to step back often to judge important changes. It’s becoming more and more important to me to stand when drawing or painting as clarity can only be reached well from a distance.

I do need to work on the texture of his face some of the crosshatching is creating ripples on his cheek that I don’t like.

Sheldon cooper drawing

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Warm-up and DrawABox exercises

The normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


The challenges continue with the 250 box challenge. Even though I was drawing in a hurry I felt that my errors on these boxes today weren’t so bad.

drawabox.com exercise

One Minute Gestures

I reviewed the chapters on gesture in The Natural Way to Draw and tried to focus more on reaching clarity for with the overall figure rather than focusing on parts and pieces. The following two quotes from Nicolaides describes what I was trying to achieve.

This thing we call gesture is as separate from the substance through which it acts as the wind is from the trees that it bends. Do not study first the shape of an arm or even the direction of it. That will come in other exercises. Become aware of the gesture, which is a thing in itself without substance.

Kimon Nicolaides

The gesture is the cement, the unifying element, that holds the various elements of the pose together.

Kimon Nicolaides

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

Many artists only draw a subject once. Maybe they feel that once they get it on paper once that they have conquered that subject and learned all there is to learn from it. But I find that every subject, not matter how simple, can constantly teach us. This is why I continually draw all the containers on my desk, I don’t feel like I will ever master them.

The composition is of Pattie loving on Kiddie in the back yard. Kiddie loves the son!

daily composition and sketch

What went well?

I was able to pack in a very full and focused art morning before spending the rest of the day with my love and friends.

What needs work?

Seeing the whole figure all at once.

What did I learn?

Drawing in pencil before ink, even in a very simple gesture, is super helpful for building confidence when using a brush pen.

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