Drawing Finished

Now that I have this drawing finished I’ve realized that keep forgetting lessons that I have learned in the past. I keep repeating mistakes.

Learning is all about making mistakes but the crucial part of this is not repeating them…

I’m going to have to go through my blog and make notes of everything that I’ve learned and put those tidbits of information somewhere that is easily accessible.

Drawing Finished
Drawing Finished
Drawing Finished, detail

The biggest mistake I made was not comparing the initial drawing with the photo for large inaccuracies. I ended up with two major issues as you can see in the compare below.

The head has too much height, and because I was comparing everything else with the head the body has too much height also.

I can see it now on the drawing, the model looks too wide and I was thinking that I needed to extend the width of the figure but that is not the case.

Drawing Finished, compare
Compare with photo
Drawing Finished, setup

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  1. Being “behind” in posts I can see the progression of this drawing one right after the other and it’s pretty amazing. This is an amazing drawing, in my opinion


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