Drawing Experimentation

As I was drawing I just began to let my mind and hand wonder a bit. I was being informed by the model but I wanted to try and capture more than just the visual.

My drawing experimentation started with trying new techniques of shading on shorter sketches. I usually do a straight line shading, all in the same direction but that seemed more stylized than I would like. So I just started trying random techniques. This turned into me working much longer on one pose than I previously planned for but it was quite fun.

What I like the most was a variation in line through two different weights of charcoal plus different applications. The line and the value was being informed by the photo, if the area was light I would use the lighter charcoal and draw lighter. If it was shadow I would use a 2 or 3B and draw darker, pressing harder.

But not just shading in an area. I was trying to feel the angle of the body and trace my charcoal over the surface of the skin rather than on the newsprint. I soon found that this technique needed to be controlled though, it was too easy to let go and get way too haphazard with my strokes and line. I felt like I was walking on a thin line balancing between rigid control on one side and abandoned expression on the other. In the end it began to feel more natural, I may do more experimentation in the future.

Drawing Experimentation
Drawing Experimentation
Drawing Experimentation, ecorhe
Ecorche: Finishing the rib cage

My work on the Ecorche today let me to finishing up the rib cage. Here is what I learned.

  • The first seven ribs are called “True Ribs”
  • The next three ribs, 7,8,9, are called “False Ribs”. I think because they merge with the 7th rib close to the front of the chest.
  • The last two ribs are “Floating Ribs”. The literally float, they are only attached to the spinal cord are are there to protect your kidneys.
Drawing Experimentation, drawing setup
Drawing Setup

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