Drawing Done

With the drawing done I’m excited to get back to doing some painting after a month and a half away from it.

The size of this painting is providing some interesting challenges for me. At first I thought I was going to have to buy a new bigger easel, but I’ve spent enough money in my life on art supplies. I ended up using a stool and the ceiling and it worked great.

I was reminded of Rembrandt’s easel. ¬†Here we are buying all these fancy products that cost a ton of money and one of the best painters ever in our history used a few boards and some pegs.

Rembrandt’s easel

So if I feel that I need an easel I’m going to find some old boards and make this thing. It looks like it will last 100 years and do everything I need. For now I will just use the stool I have.

Drawing Done
Drawing Done
Drawing Done, setup

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  1. Reuse, Recycle, Reduce Your (mindless spending on unnecessary art supplies). Couldn’t help myself. A new easel might be a nice gift for you though.


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