Dexterity and Patience

I’m not making this post live until after the 25th because this is one of Pattie’s Birthday Presents.

I’m painting Dukdukdia, a hummingbird designed in the Haida Indian art style. It is from the book Flight of the Hummingbird. It is a wonderful fable about the power of doing what we can, no matter how small.

This is just the first coat of paint I need to add another coat and clean up all the edges. I may even add some of my own creative ideas to it.

This was a lesson in dexterity and patience. The painting isn’t so big so I had to really take my time and make each stroke count with small accurate lines. It will probably get even harder with the next coat as I need to do all the edges all over again with great accuracy and swooping flowing lines.

What went well?

I spent a lot of time today on art, with work on my website and this painting. I feel great about sticking to it until the whole canvas was covered.

What didn’t go so well?

I’m not sure if this painting will dry in time for me to finish it before her birthday.

What did I learn?

To help with really accurate lines or detailed painting either lower my canvas to a height where I can support my arm on my legs or get a maul stick.

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