If you are like most people in America you’re at least mildly frustrated about our upcoming election. Well, I have discovered a great way to watch election coverage without all the frustration, it is called debate sketch.

Now I didn’t sketch the debate off the TV, I wasn’t remotely interested in doing portraits of the two candidates. But I did do a still life sketch in the main room of the Chilhowee Inn. Surprisingly, I was able to listen to the debate without getting overly frustrated. I figure that the calming effects of producing art offset the frustration normally felt with government in America.

Debate Sketch
Debate Sketch

And the best part about it is that, at least in this small Inn, the time during the debate created something positive. Now I’m thinking that I should be sketching any time I watch TV. We don’t own a TV, we got rid of that more than 10 years ago. But we do watch Netflix or streaming videos during and after dinner. Tonight, I will have my sketchbook ready to see if I can turn a normally unproductive hour into something productive.

Debate Sketch, subject

Session Details

  • Session: 1340
  • Work: 1159
  • Width: 7"
  • Height: 7"
  • Medium: Ink
  • Location: Chilhowee Inn Tennessee
  • Art Time: 1
  • Creative Time:



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Christopher Beaven

Christopher Beaven

I am an Artist and a programmer currently living in the amazing state of Washington. I have a passion for art, but I'm stubborn as hell with it. My day is complete only when I do some piece of art each day, no matter how small. "There was a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile."

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  1. You could have done an abstract drawing where you squiggled the lines erratically every time the candidates said something frustratingly stupid

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