Day of Connection

Today was a day of connection and getting to know a new artists friend. I’ve been speaking with Jeff Vehige over email for months now and it was wonderful to see him virtually.

I cut my art making a bit short today but it was worth it. It’s wonderful to connect to other artists on their idiosyncratic journey of creation and to see what path they’re taking. We all are on different paths but there is a unity in the fundamentals; drawing, value, color, etc…

Big thanks to Josh, Jeff, Kath, Julie, Keri, and Brett for connecting with me over the past week! Giving and learning from others is really making this art journey worth while.

Warm-Up and Cube Practice

I did a falling box today and had to make a lot of corrections. Still learning all about the correct way to show a cube moving through space with correct proportion.


Cylinder Practice

I’m proud of this page of cylinders. I was able to do all these cylinders in 8 minutes. There are small problems though. The perspective on a few of them should have less of an angle as the cylinder is turning toward the viewer.

Cylinder Study

I feel that I’m getting better since the first day of starting these less than a week ago.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

Lastly, on this day of connection, I got super motivated by Kath who is also doing the Nicolaides exercises and is blowing me away with her daily compositions. They look so good! I’m going to work hard on mine from now on, starting today.

daily composition and daily sketch

The drawing of the people here is better but the scene is not really composed like Kath’s are. I’m going to try and compose more.

What went well?

Long call with Jeff!

What needs work?

Planning my day better so I can get a full art session in along with a long meeting.

What did I learn?

The daily compositions can be used for more than just trying to draw the figure from memory. I can try and compose the picture to communicate something and begin learning composition.

Session Details