Daily Commitment is Not a Highlight Reel

Doing something day in and day out is not exciting or interesting. Having a daily commitment is not a highlight reel.

I just finished the documentary The Last Dance about the late 80’s and 90’s Chicago Bulls team with Michael Jordan. This was a wonderful documentary and extremely motivating but it was mostly I highlight reel of the amazing accomplishments of the Bulls at that time. The series showed much of the challenges that all the players overcame to become as great as they were but it was still nothing like a daily commitment.

Having a daily commitment can honestly get boring and tedious, especially for an artist. Every now and then you come out with something wonderful but the celebration is short lived and your on to the next piece.

How do we keep motivated to keep pushing through day in and day out? How do we battle those constantly tedious days and keep moving forward?

For me, I embrace the monotony. I know from experience that showing up and doing it every day it what produces results. Training day in and day out to be the best I can be at my craft can make me as great as Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

I also remind myself every single morning of why I’m doing this. I have a sheet that I fill out daily and the biggest part of this sheet is all about getting in touch with my biggest “WHY” for doing what I do.

At the top of that sheet I write, “Fully realized vision in a body of work” along with “teach / learn” and “Fit and in love at 100!”.

These are my biggest soul goals, they adjust over time, but for now this is what I’m committed to and what my heart yearns for. It’s by checking in with my soul goal every day and recommitting that I can show up every single day.

Next time you see anyone that is great at something, remember that they got there with tons of effort every single day. The constant compounding of unremarkable days is what makes the remarkable happen.

The Tenth Doctor David Tennant drawing

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The normal 15 minute warm-up in graphite.


The Natural Way to Draw

No energy for The Natural Way to Draw book exercise today. I plan to get back to it once I’ve taken the time my body needs to recover.

What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

Checking in and working hard because daily commitment is not a highlight reel but eventually it will make those spectacular moments happen.

What needs work? What did you learn?

I need to check-in on the Dr Who drawing and get a plan together.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

Tomorrow I will do a deep compare of this drawing with the photo and see if I can pinpoint where the problems are and systematically eliminate them.

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