Daily Art Struggle

Some days are easier than others when it comes to a daily art routine. The last couple days were a challenge to get in enough time for art. I have no problems doing at least 30 minutes of art every day now, it has become second nature to me, but what is really hard is getting in TWO and a half hours a day. The solution is to be prepared.

Plan ahead for daily art

If I know that I will be traveling then I make sure I bring art supplies that match the situation. Such as, a sketchbook on the plane, or a whole plein air / pochade box setup for a trip to the beach. Even on a normal day I try and plan my daily art sessions. I have found if I don’t actively set aside a part of my day for art inevitably other distractions will fill the day.

So, yesterday we drove out to the coast for an appointment my wife had to make early the next day. This meant that for the most of two days I would be no where near anything resembling a studio environment. To combat the loss of time in the days I started drawing as soon as I got off work plus I made sure that I brought several types of supplies for the next day at the coast.


I was only able to get about an hour of drawing in yesterday, and that felt a bit rushed. And even though I had planned to do a landscape painting on the coast the crazy wind and the lack of time confined me to my car. But, I was prepared and I had a nice small sketch book with me and was able to complete my minimum daily art quota with this ink sketch of a couple bushes from inside the comforts of my car.

Luckily after our long day I still had a few hours left before bed, so I could get in some more drawing.









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