Daily Art #3059

My second day of recovering from ear surgery and…

Today I showed up. I didn’t do my best work but I showed up and did what I could and that is the most important aspect of my deep and meaningful purpose.

8 years ago I decided to win the battle against procrastination with my art making because creating is central to who I am. And the first thing I did was to address my perfectionist tendencies. The same tendencies that we all have. Tell me if this sounds familiar.

“I really want to do this with my life but I don’t feel like it right now, I’ll do it tomorrow”. Or “I just don’t feel like it, I’m not feeling inspired to draw, paint, write, etc…”.

What holds us back most is this pervasive idea that in order for us to do anything it must be great in some way. It must be “worth it”, whatever that means. These kinds of thoughts lead to us not even getting starting on something dear to our hearts.

Here is a concept that I want to impart with today’s post. It’s okay to suck, but it’s not okay to quit. There are going to be days like today where you are recovering from surgery. Or you were up too late and didn’t get enough sleep. Or there is some emotional turmoil in your life that is just sapping all your energy to do your creative work. Accept it, plan for it.

Define a minimum that you can achieve, even on your worst day, for your creative habit. Min is 30 minutes a day. I do at least 30 minutes of something every day no matter what.

Here is what this will do for you. It will be your daily practice to build your willpower. And the surest way to improve your life is to boost your willpower. When you show up and do what you can on a daily basis it makes it easier to show up on even the hardest days. So if you’re struggling to work on your creative habit remember to start small. Do what you can. No matter how small. Celebrate that micro win. Build the willpower.

Gesture Study

gesture study


No warmup today. I didn’t have the focus or energy for it.

What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

Got my art time in! Micro wins!

What needs work? What did you learn?

Rest up the rest of the day and get back to my regular day as soon as I can.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

Focus on micro wins through the day. Protect my energy.

Is a new project I’m starting with Josh Johnson where we are…

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