Daily Art #3057

Lots of color investigation and theory today!

I spent a lot of time this morning doing some research on color systems. And I think I’ve decided to take a deep dive into learning color through Paul foxton’s work on his site learning to see. The problem is is that I need to buy the month so color book and they have all kinds of different additions so a lot of my research was trying to figure out which edition I should buy. And the big one is super costly, over $1,000.

Considering most of my time this morning was done with research I’m going to figure out something to do besides just my warm-up that is dealing with color and the paints that I have.

I picked a small area of the paper cross painting where the colors are the most light and the most intense. So where they have the highest value and the highest chroma. Then I began to use Photoshop to select those colors and figure out a relative hue and saturation and then I created my own little chart for that small area. Then I painted it in the center of my color wheel which I’m probably going to redo.

Next I’ll compare what I painted to the actual photo that I’m dealing with and see how close I got. I don’t think I can reproduce it exactly because I’m dealing with a backlit monitor versus actual pigment so they both react a bit differently.

Color Testing

color tests



I’m really happy with this comparison! I didn’t think I would be this close.





What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

Lots of learning!

What needs work? What did you learn?

Rest up and get ready for surgery tomorrow.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

Show up, turn pro, do what I can, hummingbird style.

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