Daily Art #3054

Back to the painting of Amy today and I’m having some trouble.

I tried coating this painting with an overall layer of glaze to turn the entire color of the painting into a neutralized bluish cast but I ended up pulling off a lot of the paint. Either the previous session wasn’t completely dry or the paint didn’t stick well. Considering that most of the paint that came off was in the very light area the white or paint which takes longer to dry I think it was because the paint was in completely dry yet.

I’m going to attempt to work this painting up again using opaque thick paint over the glaze that I put it on I put on…

So I had some fun with this painting working with very opaque and thick paint. So much fun that I began experimenting with edges and the background. I don’t think it turned out too well but I had a very fun session.

I will admit though that I’m having a lot of trouble with this painting. I think one of the reasons why I’m having so much trouble is because the face is so darn small. It’s really hard to work that small without getting out tiny brushes and being too exact.

Amy One

Amy study one



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A relaxing but effective Sunday.

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More oscillation through the day.

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

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