Daily Art #3045

A very busy day and I have lots of aspirations but little time.

Today was a day of learning about color. I started with this awesome course on proko.com. And decided to dig deep into the abilities of my current palette by making a color wheel. I use Gamblin paints so I used this nice table to see which colors have the highest chroma/saturation and this post by James Gurney on creating a color wheel.

As I’m painting this color wheel using the paints that I have I realize several things.

I’m limited by the values of many of the colors that I have in order to lighten up my sap green or say hello green or ultramarine blue I need to add white to it thereby decreasing its saturation. So I may need to purchase some paints with very high saturation and light value.

I have no purple on my palate I have an a lizard and crimson but it really doesn’t translate well to a magenta or purple. It works kind of well as a purple but it falls way short as a magenta.

Mixing some primaries with other primaries does not produce the colors I would like on the color wheel. For example when I was trying to mix a magenta I attempted to mix cadmium red medium with ultramarine and I ended up with gray mud that had an idea of purple but wasn’t near magenta. This was another indicator of the limitation and saturation from my current palette.

What I’m attempting to do with the paintings that are coming in the future is to have many colors with very high saturation. In order for me to achieve that I need to purchase tubes of color that have high value and high saturation. Will at least as much as I can.

The last thing I realized is that completing this color wheel is going to take a very long time maybe three to four hours at least.

Color Wheel

color wheel



What went well, what was awesome! Celebrate It!

Productive day!

What needs work? What did you learn?

Better sleep tonight. Always!

How am I going to Optimize moving forward?

Eat well, shutdown on time and meditate before bed.

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