In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a randomized timed slideshow of images for gesture drawing using irfanview for windows.

I’m taking the Figure Drawing Fundamentals course on and it requires that I do a lot of gesture poses. Many of these are timed. Either 30 second poses or 2 minutes poses. The course provides a huge amount of images of figures in poses perfect for gesture as well.

What I want to do is get a randomized selection of these images and show them for only a certain time. I could just pick images at random and have a separate timer going on my watch but the problem is that I tend to pick poses that I know how to draw. Plus I tend to work a little bit longer than I should on each pose. I want technology to do the work for me so I can just focus on making the best gestures possible. Here is how.

1 Organize Your Images

You can use any images for this but the key here is to add all the images you want in your slideshow to a folder. I’ve put all the figure images from in a folder on my desktop. What is great about irfanview is that it will show a slideshow of images in multiple nested folders if you choose.

2 Download irfanview

Here is the website. You will want the 64bit version.

3 Install irfanView

Double click the .exe file you downloaded and run through all the prompts to get it installed.

4 Setup a slideshow

After opening irfanView you will see the main screen.

Click on the slideshow icon at the top left.

Here is the screen where we will setup our slideshow.

Use the navigation at the top right to find your images folder you setup in step 1.

Click the “Add all” button and all your images in the folder chosen will be added to the slideshow.

Next, choose the “Random after [___] seconds” option at the top left. Then add your transitions time. I have mine set to 120.00 seconds which equals 2 minutes.

Then set your play mode. If you want full screen just choose the “Play in full screen mode (current monitor). If you would like to play the slideshow in a smaller window choose “Play in window mode” and pick your width, height and if you want it centered. You can even set an x and y position here if you choose.

Lastly, hit the “Play Slideshow” button.

Bam! Your slideshow is playing and will transition at your set time.

This was a totally random image that came up first. So funny!

If you want to stop the slideshow just hit the escape button on your keyboard.

I hope that is helpful! Checkout my YouTube channel for more tutorials!