Covered With Charcoal

The Indiana Jones drawing is coming together nicely and most of what is left just needs to be covered with charcoal. Similar to my hands after each session.

Each area that I cover with charcoal either supports my motive for the whole drawing. If certain passages don’t support the motive than I make sure they are not distracting.

The rest would go much faster if I didn’t have to put down so much charcoal.

Indiana Jones Drawing

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One Minute Gestures

I was really enjoying today’s session of 25 gestures from The Natural Way to Draw exercise. By the time I got to the last sheet of drawings I was communicating the motive for each drawing really well and with simple lines.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I drew my mouse for my computer and I didn’t have any interactions with people, at least none that I found memorable, so I decided to draw from one of Rembrandt’s drawing and study this master at work with his daily compositions.

DAily composition and sketch

Here is the image that I was working from. I love how he is able to communicate so much with so little lines. It was a great learning experience to understand that I don’t need to be so perfect with the figures I’m drawing.

Rembrandt Drawing

Figure Drawing for Artists Exercises

Today’s exercise from Steve Huston’s book is all about value.

I started with simple shapes, toned Strathmore paper and what chalk. The object of the exercise is to practice placing shadows and highlights in the right location as described within the chapter.

This toned paper is one of my favorites and I may order more of it for my daily drawings.

Steve Huston Exercises

What went well?

Super focus on art time! I put in about 2.5 hours of work before dinner. And finished up with my other art practices later.

What needs work?

I should break after about 90 minutes so that my mind and body stays fresh for each part of my art day.

What did I learn?

Rembrandt’s drawings are amazing and don’t touch the wall when you are covered with charcoal.

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