Complex Ball Gouache Painting: Session 2

Wow, another busy day for me. Before I know it the day is almost gone and I have to get some art time in. I wasn’t able to start on this ball gouache painting until late so I wasn’t able to spend much time on it before bed.

It was an intentional decision on my part to not work on this painting yesterday. I was tired and I didn’t have the focus necessary to do good work here. So I just left it for today as I didn’t want to mess up my progress.

The painting is still going very slow though. My idea is to focus on each small area or plane and get the value and color mixed correct before placing it down. This is proving to be very hard as gouache has a slightly different value while wet. Sometimes when I put a swatch of paint down the value changes dramatically once it is dry.

To combat this difference in value from wet to dry I try to use my palette as a gage. If I have a mix of wet paint on my palette that is correct once it is dry on the painting. Then I can compare my next mixture to what is on the palette and know that when it dries the difference will be similar.

Complex Ball Gouache Painting: Session 2 setup

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