Complex Ball Gouache Painting: Session 1

In the zone today, I was taking my time and drawing this interesting and complex still life piece. I have painted this ball at least once before and each time it has been challenging. To finish this complex ball gouache painting it’s going to take several sessions, but I will take my time and do my best.

I think the drawing took me over an hour just to get it right. I had previously primed this illustration board with gesso a while back and it worked well with the gray color. Once I had the major parts of the drawing in place I could mapped out the shadows. Then I began adding in some white gouache paint for the light areas peeking through the shadows. The look of pencil with just white gouache was rather nice looking and something I may repeat. After that I started in with a warm black filling in all the darkest shadow areas.

complex ball gouache painting setup

But the complexity of this ball will have to continue on another day, I didn’t finish it yet but I have  great start.

Complex ball in gouache: setup

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