Commanders Beach House Lamp

Today we’re in Port Townsend Washington taking advantage of the wonderful weather and the beautiful scenery and we are spending our nights at the Commanders Beach House.

After I got off work early we drove to the Coupville ferry and took it across to Port Townsend. The total travel time was very short and it didn’t take much more than an hour to get to the beach house and checkin. Then it was a cool stroll into town to look at the shops and take advantage of the local cuisine.

We ended up spending all of the rest of the day in Port Townsend and it wasn’t until late that I sat down at one of the tables in living room to do a drawing. If you have followed my blog for a while you know that when I stay anywhere I usually draw a lamp. There is something about the light cast by these random lamps I find that is interesting.

The drawing turned out well, and my motivation was overflowing as the Beach House was full of art on the walls, but this week was more about visiting and catching up with the in-laws than art.

Commanders Beach House Lamp, setup
Commanders Beach House Lamp, subject

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